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Aquatic Plants for ponds

Introduce beauty and life to your garden, beautiful plants for your pond or water feature

Discover over 300 aquatic plants for ponds

Artisan Aquatics has all you need to create a beautiful Pond or Water Feature, whatever the size of your garden.

Browse our extensive range of over 300 varieties U K Grown Pond plants in various sizes from small plants you can watch develop over the seasons to Mature specimen plants for an instant impact on a larger pond.

We at Artisan Aquatics are Passionate about Nature and wildlife and introducing water to your garden is the BEST way to attract wildlife.

Even a small pond can support a large amount of wildlife, BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME!

To encourage our customers to invest in a pond we offer very COMPETITIVE  prices on Underlay, Pond Liners, and Pond pumps

Artisan Aquatics has a pond plant for every situation.

Choose from marginal plants, water Lillies, oxygenators, deep water plants and more.  

Our staff will carefully select and pack your order to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

What Aquatic Plants do for your Pond

Bring your Garden to Life

Introducing aquatic plants to your pond or water feature. Gives VITAL places for wildlife to shelter, feed and breed. As Natural world is under threat, providing habitat for the wildlife is essential.

Adds Colour and Interest

Planting pond plants in your pond adds beautiful flowers and foliage, which change through the seasons.

Keep the pond cean

Adding Aquatic plants to your pond or water feature, keeps the water balanced and clean without the need for harsh Chemicals