Large  Selection of UK Grown Oxygenators

Key Benefits :

  • Keep water Clear
  • Reduces Algae
  • Adds Oxygen
  • Reduce Nitrates

Oxygenator FAQs

Oxygenating plants are a great way to keep your pond clear and algae free. They use the nutrients that Algae uses, so they go around releasing oxygen!.

The number of plants needed to create an oxygenating ecosystem for your new pond depends on a few factors. We recommend somewhere between 3 and 8 bunches per 1000 litres (m3). The actual amount will depend largely upon the growing season in that area, as well as any introduced fish you may have planned on adding later down the line!

Yes, Koi and Goldfish are known to nibble on Oxygenating plants, generally though if your fish our well fed, the nibbling will help keep the oxygenating plants from overcrowding the pond and also provide oxygen for your fish.

Oxygenating plants come in 2 forms Floating and Potted the floating Oxygenators are just placed in the water, the come as weighted bunches, some varieties will root to the bottom of the pond, although rooting is for anchoring the plants as the plants absorbs the nutrients from through their leaves. Potted Oxygenators are placed on the shelves of your pond 30-60cm below the surface.