Who we are
We're passionate about wildlife

It’s wonderful to learn more about the owners, Paul, Julia, and William, and their passion for wildlife and nature at Artisan Aquatics and Nursery. Their dedication to encouraging everyone to create a haven for wildlife and beauty in their own spaces is truly inspiring.

The vision of supplying all that’s needed for gardens and water features aligns well with the growing trend of individuals seeking to enhance their outdoor spaces with a focus on biodiversity and natural beauty. The term “Oasi” suggests a sanctuary or oasis, conveying the idea of transforming one’s surroundings into a peaceful and thriving haven.

We love to hear how our customers are developing their own Oasis share on our Socials. If you need any advice please call, message or email use and we will happily share our expertise, and their commitment to creating a positive impact on the environment can help build a connection with customers.

Providing a comprehensive range of products for gardens and water features positions Artisan Aquatics as a go-to destination for everything looking to beautify their spaces. Highlighting the diversity of your offerings, from plants to equipment and accessories, can showcase the convenience of finding everything in one place.

Incorporate educational content on creating wildlife-friendly gardens and water features. This can include tips on plant selection, pond design, and overall landscaping practices that support local ecosystems. Such information not only adds value to your customers but also reinforces your commitment to promoting sustainable and environmentally conscious practices.

Engaging with your community through social media, workshops, or events can further solidify Artisan Aquatics and Nursery as a hub for nature enthusiasts. 


What to expect from us
  • A wide selection of pond plants and liners & pumps
  • Helpful & trusted information
  • Hand-picked orders by trained staff
  • No harsh chemicals
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