SealEco EPDM (Greenseal) Pond liner Pre-Packs 0.75mm

SealEco EPDM (Greenseal) Pond liner Pre-Packs 0.75mm


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SealEco EPDM (Greenseal) pond liner is a synthetic rubber pond liner with exceptional physical properties making it the ideal choice for lining garden ponds, ornamental lakes, and streams.

Made by Gordon Low the premier Pond Liner Manufacturer who now fabricate far more EPDM liners than Butyl liners due to the competitive price and exceptional properties of EPDM that in some instances even outperform the more expensive Butyl option.

SealEco EPDM is the fish-safe EPDM pond liner. During production, the EPDM is vulcanised (cured under pressure and heat) creating an elastic, chemically stable product with negligible aging through exposure to UV-radiation, atmosphere, chemicals, earth, water and extremes of temperature.

We supply pond liner sheets from 1.7m x 40m rolls in any width up to 60m. Any size single sheet pond liner from a 2m x 2m water feature up to a maximum 1800m2 lagoon liner.



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