Water Lily

UK largest Selection of Water Lilies

Key Benefits :

  • Easy to grow
  • Vibrant flower Colours
  • Reduces Algae
  • Provides cover to Fish
  • Reduces temperature of Pond

Waterlily FAQs

To flower abundantly nearly all water lilies need to be in full sun, if in partial shade your lilies will flower but not so frequently.

Full Sun, calm water away from water turbulence caused by cascades or fountains. Best planted in an aquatic basket with aquatic compost.

Large Waterlilies can be planted at 90cm or 3 foot deep, although it is best to do this in stages support the basket at a level where the leaves are no more than 15cm or 6 inches below the surface leave until the leaves are at the surface then repeat until the pot is on the floor of the pond

Use a 3 litre Aquatic Basket, fill 2/3’s with specialist aquatic soil which is low in nutrients to minimise algae growth. Make a hole using your finger at a 45 degree angle insert the rhizome then firm around it top up as necessary with aquatic soil. Place shingle on top to hold to soil in place. Then place in the pond to the top of the pot as the leaves grow away, lower in the pot in stages as in item 3.

We pot the rhizome just before dispatch, on arrival place the pot in your pond, so that the top of the pot is submerged by 50mm or 2 inches, then as the leaves develop lower as above as in item 3.