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Discover over 300 aquatic plants for ponds

Keep your pond healthy and balanced with over 300 varieties of plants for your pond; all grown and sourced in the UK.  Our plants are free from chemicals and naturally enhance the beauty of your pool, providing the ideal environment for a wide range of wildlife to flourish.

Choose from marginal plants, water lillies, oxygenators, deep water plants and more.  Whatever the size or shape of your pool, choose from our wide selection of carefully selected plants.

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What Aquatic Plants do for your Pond

Nurture wildlife

They can attract and give shelter to wildlife such as birds, dragonflies and darters and help them thrive.

Increase beauty

The're are beautiful to look at and add new color to your pond (they also help to hide the liner).

Keep the pond cean

Did you know, aquatic plants can help keep your pond water clean and clear of green algae?