The Red Label Drum Filter is a mechanical pre-filter system that can easily filter out the finest and
smallest dirt, grime and water pollution (down to 70 micron) from your pond water.
The pond water passes through the drum filter, either pump fed or on a gravity installation, the mesh
or gauze on the drum cylinder filters out and gathers all the filth and fine dirt particles. This is then
flushed out of the filter system with the drum Sprayers.
Should the build-up and collection of fi lth become too dense then the water levels in the drum filter
will drop as less water passes through. The water sensor measures the water levels in the drum filter, when levels drop below the set level, the spray pump is activated setting off the sprayers which
then in turn blast away all the gathered filth into a built-in discharge gutter. The discarded waste and washed out into the sewer lines. Water levels will return to set levels once the spraying cycle has
been completed and repeat at determined intervals or when water levels drop.
The drum mesh or gauze material filters out pollution down to 70 micron. Smaller or finer particles
are purposely kept in the pond waters as it is necessary to help build a healthy bacterial culture and
biological environment.
The XL version has an extended front chamber that is 300% larger than the regular Drum Filter. This
creates a higher flow rate and stable waters within the filter system. The larger chamber room also
allows larger, longer UV-C units to be installed. The drainage channel and drum are because of this
extra room easier to access for maintenance.