Ponderings on the importance of wildlife ponds

We must all  by now be aware of the impact of humans on the natural world. As habitats shrink or disappear for every living thing we must learn to share. You can make a positive impact by implementing just a few simple changes to your outside space.

Number 1 has to be adding a water source.

This can be as simple as putting down a shallow dish kept topped up with fresh water to help birds and small mammals drink & bathe. Don’t forget to put a way out if it’s deeper than about 2” just a few pebbles or a small branch is ideal. Of course, if space & funds allow a pond is a fantastic addition!

Number 2 plant a few bee, bug, butterfly & moth friendly plants. The birds and bats will be especially pleased.

Number 3 is the easiest!

Don’t be too tidy. A few piles of rotting leaves, wood & stones provide a home for mini beasts & small mammals like mice & voles. Unfortunately, they are at the bottom of the food chain but are vital for those further up. If you can put together a compost heap, then even better.

Do these 3 simple things & you are already well on your way to being a wildlife gardener , you can even join in if you have just a balcony.

You will soon be rewarded with a live show from your local wildlife.

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