Copper bowls can be eye-catching in the garden-whether near the terrace or next to a sitting area in a round or square design with or without a pedestal, alone or in combination with other bowls – there are so many possible design combinations.

The surface is protected with a layer of clear varnish, but over time the typical green patina of copper oxide develops, particularly in the areas where water is moving over it.

Each bowl is provided with two 1 1/2 inch threaded inlets. One inlet is centrally located in the bottom of the bowls and is for water. A copper standpipe is also supplied, which can be screwed into the opening. The second inlet is located slightly off-centre, and is intended for the lighting cable, and is supplied with a bung if lighting is not required.

The installation of the copper bowls can be made easier when you used in combination with the eco-rise and the one-piece reservoirs from the water landscaping range.

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