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AquaForte Impermax


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Impermax is a single component, high performance waterproofing material, based on Polyurethane, certified according to EEC Directive 98/83/CE, and which can be in direct contact with drinking water for human consumption. It can easily be applied on different kinds of surfaces used in hydraulic infrastructures such as concrete, mortar, ceramics, fibreglass, reinforced polyester, etc. Curing time: 4-6 hours (in the summer), 12-24 hours (in the winter). Not suited for PP or PE. Apply at least 3-4 layers to obtain a membrane thickness of 1.5 to 1.9mm (2 kilo per m^2). It is recommended to use humidity primer in most situations.

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AquaForte Impermax grey 2.5 kg, AquaForte Impermax grey 10kg, AquaForte Impermax grey 25 kg, AquaForte Impermax black 2.5 kg, AquaForte Impermax black 10 kg, AquaForte Impermax black 25 kg




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