The Aquaforte UltraBead 60 is a filter that combines both mechanical filtration and biological purification: this pressure filter is used in bathing Ponds, Koi Ponds or pleasure ponds.

This type of filter is intended for installations in gravity mode, with grid prefilter or drum filter only. It is possible to dispense with a prefilter if the size of the filter is oversized, to be washed daily (in season) and to limit the volume of the basin to 20 m3.

How does this filter work?

In normal operation, small polypropylene elements (beads – area of ​​1300 m2 / m3) agglomerate in the upper part of the filter. This thick mattress of beads floats and forms a barrier that retains particles from the pond water.

The pump, therefore, discharges water from the bottom to the top of the filter: water can rise slowly evenly through the beads that act as bacterial supports.

In filter mode, water enters the filter through the bottom screen (A), rises in the filter, and passes through the floating bead mat. The water comes out of the filter from the top via the strainer (B) which holds the beads. All particles light enough to be carried away by the water flow are trapped in the bead mattress. The heavier particles are deposited at the bottom of the filter.

A multi-way valve (C) allows washing, rinsing, filtration, recirculation, etc. Washing consists in circulating the water in the filter but in the opposite direction (backwashing) and by stirring the beads. A blower (D – high volume air compressor) allows very aggressive agitation of the beads by injecting air into the filter. A purge valve (E) allows the filter to be drained.


The surface needed to install this filter is reduced: it offers maximum performance for a small footprint.

It can be positioned below the water level: often very practical!

The cleaning operation is simple and fast: and no need to get your hands dirty!

Which water pump?

A Pond being filtered in 2 hours, a pump is required whose flow is equal to at least half the volume of the basin.

Example: for a Pond of 30 m3, it is necessary for the pump to pump at least 15 m3 / h at a pressure of 0.2 to 0.3 bar, taking into account the losses in loads. To obtain a correct rinsing of the filter, a pump which delivers a pressure of at least 1 bar is required.

It is possible to use a bypass (option) which allows to pump the water directly into the filter, without going through the multi-way valve: a gain of 30% of flow is possible with this accessory.


Material: Polyester tank.Good For up to 8000 Gallons

10 year warranty on the tank.

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