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Looking for a powerful and affordable pool pump? Look no further than the Superfish ECO 12000. This synchronous pump can handle large quantities of water with ease, and features low power consumption for added efficiency. Plus, it comes with a three-year warranty for peace of mind. This pump is easy to install and can handle solids up to 8mm in size. Plus, it features a rotating multi-angle hose connection outlet that makes it super flexible.

3 Year Warranty and TUV Approved for Quality and Safety

  •          Pumps Large Quantities of Water
  •          Low Power Consumption
  •          DCS Ceramic Drive and Gearing for Minimal Wear
  •          Rotating Multi-Angle Hose Connection Outlet
  •          Easy to Install

Combined with a low price, this makes the Superfish an ideal pump.

Suitable for dry mounting (inlet must be under water level, special fittings + install required.)


Name Wattage Max Litres per Hour Max Head In-let Size Out-let Size
ECO 3500 45 3600 2.4 N/A 25mm/32mm/40mm Hose
ECO 5000 60 4800 2.5 N/A 25mm/32mm/40mm Hose
ECO 8000 80 7200 4.0 N/A 25mm/32mm/40mm Hose
ECO 12000 155 11300 4.5 N/A 25mm/32mm/40mm Hose
ECO 15000 175 14200 4.1 N/A 25mm/32mm/40mm Hose

9000, 12000, 18000


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