Oxygenating Pond Plants Assorted

Oxygenating Pond Plants Assorted


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Oxygenating pond plants, release oxygen into the pond which they generate from photosynthesis, essential for pond wildlife and for keeping up bacteria levels in the water, this helps to keep the algae under control.

Oxygenating plants are fast growing and will keep a pond clear and algae free. They grow underwater and use nutrients from the water through their leaves and they release oxygen. This how they form an important basis for the natural equilibrium of a pond, where they are extremely useful for keeping the water clear and healthy.

A selection of our best Oxygenating Pond Plants-

We will select our favorite Oxygenating pond plants for you.


3 x 1 Litre, 6 x 9cm, Pack of 10, Pack of 20, Pack of 30


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