Ludwigia glandulosa


Ludwigia glandulosa


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Ludwigia glandulosa flourishes best in high-intensity light and warmer water temperatures. To really bring out its colorful leaves, regular additions of CO2, fertiliser, and trace elements are recommended. When this plant becomes too overgrown for your aquarium, simply cut the branches or top off the plant and place it into the substrate. It will naturally reproduce by developing yellow flowers above the water’s surface that drop seeds into the substrate.

Care instructions

Can be dropped in pond as a weighted bunch. This plant can grow in both still and fast-flowing water where anchorage is required. This can be achieved by tying the plant to a stone or brick and placing it in running water.

Growth rate



Full sun- Part shade


Spring, Summer, Autumn

Measurements in centimetres

Depth Min –Max

10 -200


Pack of 10, Pack of 20, Pack of 30, Pack of 5


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