Lilaeopsis brasilensis Micro sword

Lilaeopsis brasilensis Micro sword


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This beautiful plant can be grown at the bottom of your pond to form a lawn-like carpet, or in shallower water where the foliage will emerge from below the waterline. Lilaeopsis brasilensis is a great way to add some greenery to your pond while also helping to keep the water clean and oxygenated.

Repotting or planting

9cm oxygenating plants require potting into a larger mesh basket. Place in a pond no deeper than 1/3 maximum recommended planting depth to allow the plants to establish. 1ltr oxygenating plants do not require repotting, place in pond no deeper than 1/2 maximum recommended planting depth to allow the plants to establish. 2ltr plants do not require repotting, as they are larger more established plants they can be placed up to the maximum recommended depth. There is no need to remove the mesh basket.

Care instructions

No maintenance is required.



Growth rate



May – Aug


Full sun – Part shade


Spring, Summer

Measurements in centimetres

Height Min -Max


Depth Min -Max



1 Litre, 1 Litre (pack of 3), 10 No. Plugs Bare Root, 2 Litres, 3 Litres, 3 No. Medium Bare Root, 3 No. Small Bare Root, 9 cm (pack of 3), 9cm, Large Bare Root, Medium Bare Root, Plug Bare Root, Small Bare Root


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