Helleborus argutifolius

Helleborus argutifolius


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Introducing Helleborus argutifolius – a timeless addition to your UK garden. Also known as Corsican Hellebore or ‘Holly-Leaved Hellebore,’ this evergreen perennial offers year-round appeal. With striking, glossy, holly-like foliage, this robust plant adds texture and greenery to your outdoor space.

In late winter to early spring, Helleborus argutifolius produces elegant clusters of pale green, bell-shaped flowers that gracefully nod above the foliage, creating a charming display. Thriving in partial shade, this low-maintenance beauty is ideal for woodland gardens or shaded borders.

Enhance your garden with Helleborus argutifolius, a reliable and enduring choice that brings subtle beauty to every season. Order yours now and enjoy the timeless allure of this exceptional hellebore in your UK garden.

  1. Evergreen Perennial: Helleborus argutifolius is an evergreen plant, providing year-round interest in the garden.
  2. Striking Foliage: The plant features glossy, holly-like foliage, adding texture and visual appeal.
  3. Late Winter to Early Spring Blooms: Clusters of pale green, bell-shaped flowers emerge in late winter to early spring.
  4. Graceful Nodding Flowers: The flowers gracefully nod above the foliage, creating an elegant and charming display.
  5. Partial Shade Preference: Thrives in partial shade, making it suitable for woodland gardens or shaded borders.
  6. Low-Maintenance: Helleborus argutifolius is a low-maintenance plant, offering ease of care in garden settings.
  7. Enduring Beauty: A reliable and enduring choice, providing subtle beauty in every season.
  8. Common Names: Also known as Corsican Hellebore or ‘Holly-Leaved Hellebore.’
  9. Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of garden settings, adding a timeless and classic touch.
  10. Seasonal Appeal: With evergreen foliage and early spring blooms, this hellebore contributes to the garden’s appeal throughout the year.


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