Gold Label Underwater Sealer One Shot 75ml

Gold Label Underwater Sealer One Shot 75ml


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Gold Label One Shot underwater sealant is ideal for pond and aquarium repairs due its remarkable ability to instantly repair and bond surfaces even while submerged in water. It is easy to use and there is no need to use a silicone gun. There is no need to remove fish from the water when using Gold Label sealer, it is solvent free and isocyanate free.

This high-quality, heavy-duty sealant is perfect for sticking together a wide variety of materials including, various forms of rubber, vinyl, plastic. This makes Gold Label sealer the best product for pond repair work.

For the best results:

  • Clean all surfaces so that they are free of grease, algae, etc.
  • Distribute the underwater sealer directly onto the surface you wish to bond/seal.
  • For bonding where there is movement (expansion and contraction) of different materials leave a minimum 5mm thickness of bead between surfaces.


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