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The economical answer to imitation filters, made by Beadfilter experts!
The Beadfilters EB-Series have a strong quality PE vessel and come equipped with:
a bottom drain to remove the sludge from the bottom, 6-way valve, transparent lid, beads,
and a very reliable blower! (also equipped with a silencer).
The Beadfilter EB-series is available in 5 sizes for ponds from ±10.000 to ±100.000 litre. Supplied with a large lid for easy access.
Filters are delivered incl. beads. CAUTION: Max. working pressure 1,2 bar (12 metre).
Beadfilters are also the ideal filter for swimming ponds! Provide perfectly clear, healthy water!


EconoBead 40 (2800galls) 22kg Beads, EconoBead 50 (4700galls) 40kg Beads, EconoBead 60 (8200galls) 65kg Beads, EconoBead 60 (9000galls) 65kg Beads (2" connections), EconoBead 100 (12,000 galls), EconoBead 140 (20,000 galls), Low pressure bypass kit for EB 40-50-60 Filters, Low pressure bypass kit for EB 100-140 Filters, Spare Blower for EB and UB Bead Filters, Replacement Multiport Valve for EB Filters 40/50/60, Spare O Ring EconoBead Lid, Bleed Valve Complete EconoBead for Lid, Transparent Lid for EB Bead Lid, Pressure gauge for EB filters


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