Common Snowdrop Bulbs – Galanthus nivalis – In The Green


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    The John Chambers In the Green offer instant spring planting and same year growth. Planting Common Snowdrop Bulbs , also known as Galanthus nivalis are available from Mid February to the end of spring

    Bulbs Planting and Flowering Specification

    Grows to about 10-15 in height
    Thrives in most soils particularly those of a woodland type incorporating plenty of leaf mould.
    Dappled shade amongst deciduous trees is perfect for them
    Ideal companions would include Aconites (Erantis), Hellebores, Cyclamen Coum and Fritillaria meleagris
    *Limited Availability between Mid February to the end of spring*
    A spring bulbs that can be planted with the bulbs already producing foliage. Great for quick establishment and floral results.


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