AquaForte Impermax Paintchlore

AquaForte Impermax Paintchlore


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Impermax Paintchlore Transparent – coating color resistant to chlorine and chemicals for professional pond construction! (Requires 2kg / m²)

Impermax Paintchlore is applied in up to 30 layers to make the laminate from Impermax color products resistant to chemicals and to guarantee good coverage.
Consumption: 2kg / m² (with approx. 20 layers) to obtain a membrane thickness of at least 1.4 – 1.9 mm.
Characteristics: high-quality, liquid membrane, based on a one-component polyurethane.
Impermax Paintchlore Transparent is used to make Impermax color products chlorine or chemical resistant.
Does not adhere to PP / PE. Drying time: 12-24 hours in winter, 4-6 hours in summer.

If chemicals such as chlorine etc. are used in the finished pool coated with Impermax paint, the last coating must be carried out with paint chlorine transparent, since the normal Impermax colors are not chlorine-resistant.
We recommend always using Paintchlore in combination with Impermax colors. Not as a single coat of paint.


  • Economical and easy to use results in a seamless, continuous membrane that adapts completely to the surface
  • excellent mechanical and chemical properties
  • certified according to EEC Directive 98/83 / CE, so that it can even come into contact with drinking water for human consumption
  • this membrane can easily be used even in places that are difficult to access for other systems
  • IMPERMAX can be processed even at low temperatures

AquaForte Impermax Paintchlore 4 kg, AquaForte Impermax Paintchlore 20 kg


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