Aqua Forte Superstrong FIX + SEAL


    pay in monthly instalments: 12 x £1.82

    Aqua Forte Super-Strong Fix & Seal – 290ml gun tube
    Super-strong Fix & Seal is a high quality permanent elastic glue & sealer.
    This product has the unique ability to seal different materials to each other & replaces/combines the qualities of all standard glues & sealers (i.e. silicone, acryl, butyl, etc.)

    Use for sealing or connecting:

    • Flanges
    • TPRs
    • GPRs
    • Waterfall lips
    • Skimmer faceplates
    • Bottom drainsFix & Seal is 100% fish safe & UV resistant.



    Superstrong FIX + SEAL 290ml Black, Superstrong FIX + SEAL 290ml Clear, Superstrong FIX + SEAL 290ml White


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