The Red Label Combi Filter combines a Drum filter and Moving Bed filter in one, compact filtration unit.
Combining these two systems creates a near perfect biological environment for your pond waters.
The two filter systems working in unison create a natural, healthy bacterial culture while degradation
of harmful substances is maintained.
After the dirt and grime has been removed from the pond waters in the drum filter section, the water enters the Moving Bed filter which is a biological filter environment. In this filtering phase the pondwater gets in contact with good bacteria that are housed on the Biocarrier. The bacteria break down ammonia into nitrite and nitrite will be converted into ‘harmless’ nitrates. The Biocarrier is kept in motion by two supplied and fixed in place stone airtubes. These two tubes constantly and rapidly exude air through the stones pores, this results in continuous movement of the Biocarrier and
optimizes watercontact.