Best Pond Plants to Reduce Algae in the UK

Algae is perhaps the top complaint of any pond owner. It’s the uninvited companion to your pond that will not only deplete your water of oxygen but also keep colorful fish from being seen and healthy.

This green goblin of a plant makes your pond an unremarkable sight, ruining the appearance and health of the pond. In the UK, there’s an elevated problem with Algae-filled ponds that are deprived of their natural beauty. To restore that and keep algae from filling up your pond there are a range of techniques you can use, from shop bought products and filters but as is often the case in life – nature has an answer. A natural, balanced and even beautifying solution to keeping algae at bay is to use the right pond plants.

Best pond plants to reduce Algae in the UK

While all pond plants will eventually help in reducing Algae, some are more valuable to your pond than others. Some plants will help keep your pond much clearer than others while others will reduce the growth of algae in the pond.

  1. Oxygenating Plants

Algae can choke your pond of oxygen and use it for its own gain, ultimately this can choke out your fish and other plants too.

Oxygenating pond plants are the answer to this as they will help you continually release oxygen into the pond. They will also balance out the bacteria levels ensuring that pond diversity can well and truly thrive. They will reduce and control algae for all its worth.

Recommended oxygenating plants in the UK are:

All of these plants require medium to low maintenance, and they thrive in both sunny or shady environments. They are fish-friendly plants that will help your pond breathe and become alive.


  1. Floating Plants

Floating plants are another essential addition to any pond, whether covered by algae or not. These plants play their part by offering shade in the water to the wildlife and other plants should they require it. They also are vital for removing the toxic nitrates from your water ensuring that the health of your plants and water is maintained. We recommend covering at least one-third of your pond with these floating plants.

Recommended floating plants in the UK that can help to reduce algae are:

These are fantastic options for any water body and they’ll also help to keep the water clear and away free from excessive nitrates.


  1. Marginal Plants

Marginal pond plants are also helpful when it comes to tackling algae. They are known for their beautiful looks and their shelter-providing abilities. They add personality to your pond with color and height, making it sheltered for the wildlife and enjoyable to the naked eye of any passerby.

These plants don’t necessarily help in reducing the algae directly but they play a huge part in balancing your entire pond out. A balanced pond keeps the algae in control, and these plants indirectly help in reducing the uninvited guest. You can make the selection of the best marginal plants here:

These marginal plants will instill good health in your pond by attracting flying insects while also providing shelter for the wildlife thriving in your pond. They also help in providing a nice hidden cover for laying eggs.

There you have it. Your guide to the best pond plants to reduce algae in the UK – the key to the health of any pond is diversity, and filling it with a variety of beneficial plants which all contribute In their own way.

These plants will not only help to keep the water clear of algae, they’ll help to attract and support an array of wildlife, and add much revered beauty to your landscape.

Do you have any questions about choosing the right plants for your pond? Talk to us!

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