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AquaForte is proud to introduce the new UltraBead filters! After more than 17 years of success, Europe‚¾‚s most popular bead filter is followed up by a new generation. With even better features, the UltraBead is perfect for anyone looking for a top-of-the-line bead filter.

The new UltraBead filters are the next evolution in filtration technology. They are made of a chemical-resistant, weather-resistant thermoplastic that is virtually indestructible. The injection moulding method used to create the filters is the most reliable in the world, and they come with a built-in base. All models are equipped with a totally new designed multiport valve construction with an integrated by-pass! This guarantees a maximum flow with minimal pressure loss.

Furthermore, the UB140 is fitted with 75mm pipework for even less resistance.

Beadfilters are an advanced type of mechanical filtration that can remove very small particles from water. The beads float in a closed vessel and are packed very close to each other, with the pressure of the pump making the water flow upward through the beads. This process traps the small dirt particles on the bead pack, with the bio film around the beads becoming more effective at filtering over time. Beadfilters are therefore ideal for keeping your water clean and clear, and can even remove particles as small as 10 micron!

Beadfilters are an innovative biological filtration system that uses specific beads to remove ammonia, nitrites and nitrates from water. The beadfilter system is incredibly efficient, with a surface area of 1600m² per m³, making it ideal for use in large aquariums or ponds. The beads are also coated with a biofilm that provides a perfect environment for nitrifying bacteria to thrive. This makes the beadfilter an extremely effective way to keep your water clean and healthy.

A beadfilter is a type of mechanical filter that uses beads to remove solid waste from the water. It is a common type of filter used in aquaculture, and can be used for either fresh or salt water. The fish load in the table is based on 1% feed per day. Recommended pump capacity: in a water column of 2 – 3 m (0,2 -0,3 bar) the pump should be able to circulate 50% of the actual water volume per hour (see specifications of the various pumps).

If you have a pond that’s larger than 40 m³, you need a pump with an actual capacity of 25% to 33% of the water volume per hour. Our beadfilters are perfect for this purpose, and they’re also delivered with beads so you can get started right away.

The Aquaforte UltraBead 60 is a filter that combines both mechanical filtration and biological purification: this pressure filter is used in bathing Ponds, Koi Ponds or pleasure ponds.

This type of filter is intended for installations in gravity mode, with grid prefilter or drum filter only. It is possible to dispense with a prefilter if the size of the filter is oversized, to be washed daily (in season) and to limit the volume of the basin to 20 m3.

CAUTION: Max. working pressure 2,5 bar (25 meter).
Beadfilters are also the ideal filter for Koi Ponds, swimming ponds & Swimming Pools! They provide perfectly clear, healthy water!





25kg Replacement Beads, UltraBead 60 (8,000 gallons) 65kg Beads (inc bypass), UltraBead 100 (12,000 gallons) 100kg Beads (inc bypass), UltraBead 140 (20,000 gallons) 165kg Beads (inc bypass), Replacement Multiport Valve for UB Filters, Spider Seal for UB Bead Filter, Transparent Lid for UB Bead Lid, Spare O Ring UB Filter Lid, Low pressure bypass kit for UB Filters, X-Clear Auto Backwash valve for EB and UB


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