Hottonia palustris Water violet


A good oxygenator. This charming native bears handsome foliage & whorls of lilac flowers. It has two forms of foliage for above and below the surface. It can grow in damp shady ground but prefers growing in water.

Repotting or planting

9cm oxygenating plants require potting into a larger mesh basket. Place in a pond no deeper than 1/3 maximum recommended planting depth to allow the plants to establish. 1ltr oxygenating plants do not require repotting, place in pond no deeper than 1/2 maximum recommended planting depth to allow the plants to establish. 2ltr plants do not require repotting, as they are larger more established plants they can be placed up to the maximum recommended depth. There is no need to remove the mesh basket. We suggest planting 2-3 bunches per 1m². They benefit from the base of the plant being pushed into soil or gravel.

Care instructions

Little maintenance is required. Remove excess growth if necessary.



Growth rate





Part shade



Spring, Summer

Measurements in centimetres

Height Min –Max


Depth Min –Max


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