AquaKing Red Label Combi Filter 30/35 XL


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AquaKing Red Label Combi Filter 30/35 XL

The Red Label Combi Filter combines a Drum filter and Moving Bed filter in one, compact filtration
Combining these two systems creates a near perfect biological environment for your pond waters.
The two filter systems working in unison create a natural, healthy bacterial culture while degradation
of harmful substances is maintained.
After the dirt and grime has been removed from the pond waters in the drum filter section, the
water enters the Moving Bed filter which is a biological filter environment. In this filtering phase the
pondwater gets in contact with good bacteria that are housed on the Biocarrier. The bacteria break
down ammonia into nitrite and nitrite will be converted into ‘harmless’ nitrates. The Biocarrier is
kept in motion by two supplied and fixed in place stone airtubes. These two tubes constantly and
rapidly exude air through the stones pores, this results in continuous movement of the Biocarrier and
optimizes watercontact.
The XL version has an extended front chamber that is 300% larger than the regular Combi Filter. This
creates a higher fl ow rate and stable waters within the filter system. The larger chamber room also
allows larger, longer UV-C units to be installed. The drainage channel and drum are because of this
enlarged chamber easier to access for maintenance.


  • Type:
    Combination filter 30/35 XL
  • Size (LxWxH)
    2045 x 700 x 1005 mm
  • Max. flow
    35 m3 / h
  • Filter panels
    stainless steel 70 micron
  • Panel size
    Diameter 500 x 400 mm
  • Inlet
    3 x 110 mm
  • Output
    3 x 110 mm
  • Dirt drain
    1 x 110 mm
  • Stainless
    steel flushing pump High pressure 5.0 bar
  • Drive motor
    60 Nm
  • Control box
    IP 65
  • Lid protection
    Magnetic contact
  • Including
    2 x Air stone
  • Including
    Bio-carrier 100 liters
  • Material


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