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About Red Label

AquaKing is proud to present its high-end, quality Red Label filtration Series. The foundation of this series is the already famous Red Label Drum Filter. A Dutch manufactured and highly innovative produced product. The filter is made from polypropylene (PP) material and the drum consists of 70 micron sieve cloth allowing the best possible filtration mechanism possible. The combination of high quality production and the easy-to-use control panel, make the Red Label Filtration series unique and unparalleled in the field of filtration.

The ideal extension to the Drum Filter is the Red Label Moving Bed Filter. A necessary addition to acquire perfect biological filtration. The combination of these two is so attuned that a stable bacterial environment is guaranteed with an optimal breakdown of pollutants.

The Red Label Filtration series are driven by the extremely powerful Red Label pumps. These low maintenance and durable pumps can be adjusted to the appropriate settings for running the filtration system.

Many years of experience in filtration, the latest and best manufacturing techniques and high quality production has been put into the development of the Red Label Filtration series. All Red Label series products have been designed to allow optimal water quality while retaining reliable and ease-of-use.

The Red Label series offers a solution to any filtration situation.

How the Red Label Drum Filter works

A drum filter is a mechanical filter that sieves dirt, grime and bacteria out in the water flow. Water flows in through the drum filter, the mesh cloth collects the filth from the water. Once a certain amount of filth has been collected the water levels will drop as the flow will automatically be decreased due to the filth build-up. This will be registered by an internal sensor which activates an automatic cleansing cycle. The drum will rotate while the sprayers spray the filth into a drainage channel. This will be discharged from the drum filter into the drainage pipes. Once the cycle is completed the flow of the water resumes until the water flow reaches the appropriate levels and the cycle will then again repeat. This ensures that all filth will be collected and discarded.


Red Label Drum Filter 20/25, Red Label Drum Filter 30/35, Red Label Drum Filter 50/55, Red Label Drum Filter 75/100


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